The Ultimate Protein Source and Pet Feed.

Our mealworms, beetles and frass are an eco-friendly, sustainable, and nutritious protein source for animal feed, gardening, & beyond. Whether you are a small-scale farmer, a reptile enthusiast, or a gardener, we have the right product for you.

Create Your Own Insect Farm.

Everyone benefits, from small farmers and producers, socially and environmentally conscious people and people looking to generate income based on a circular economy.

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United Nations Sustainable Development Goals - Tackling humanity's wicked problem is our mission.
Addressing many of the UN sustainable development goals by tackling the humanity Wicked Problems is part of our mission.

Using land for pasturing and farming modifies and diminishes natural environments.

Lower emissions of greenhouse gases reduce climate change.

Faster life cycle, more efficient conversion of feed to biomass and a considerably smaller need for space.

Since the beginning of the millennium, the price of food on the global market has been rising steadily.